FRC Roundtable Code Review

Join the Financial Reporting Council for a roundtable event where they are conducting a comprehensive review of the Corporate Governance Code in order to consider its future role in contributing to a wider agenda. 
FRC Roundtable Code Review

The UK Corporate Governance Code is an important part of the UK framework for corporate governance. The Code is designed to promote good board governance in listed companies, which ultimately contributes positively to the national economic interest. Nevertheless public trust in business remains low and there are growing demands on the corporate governance framework. Increasingly, it is expected to more directly benefit wider aspects of public interest. This includes, but is not restricted to, issues of inequality, productivity, human rights and environmental interest.

The FRC is conducting a comprehensive review of the Code, prior to a formal public consultation later in the year, in order to consider its future role in contributing to this wider agenda. This will cover three main areas, which inevitably are interrelated:

  • the Code’s content
  • the balance between the Principles, Provisions and Guidance
  • how to improve the quality of reporting.

Date: Thursday 29 June 2017
Time: 3pm start - 4:30pm finish
Location: The Financial Reporting Council's office in London

This event is only open to members who are directors of quoted companies. 

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