About Us

We are the Quoted Companies Alliance, the independent membership organisation that champions the interests of small to mid-sized quoted companies.

The value of our members to the UK economy is vast – as is their potential. There are around 1,250 small and mid-sized quoted companies in the UK, representing 93% of all quoted companies. They employ approximately 3 million people, representing 11% of private sector employment in the UK, and contribute over £26bn in annual taxes (source). 

Our goal is to create an environment where that potential is fulfilled.

We identify the issues that matter to our members. We keep them informed. And we interact to build the understanding and connections that help our members stay ahead.

The influence we have, the influence we use, and the influence we grow, ensures that our members always benefit from the impact of our initiatives.

What We Do

We campaign, inform and interact to help small and mid-sized quoted companies do business better and grow. Visit this section to find out more about our activities and current work.


We have had a number of campaign successes over the years that have helped small and mid-sized quoted companies to keep their businesses ahead. To find out more, visit this section.

How We Operate

The principal objective of the Quoted Companies Alliance is to operate as an independent membership organisation championing the interests of small and mid-sized quoted companies. Visit this section to find out more about how we operate and are governed.

Our Team

We have nine staff members and two honorary positions of President and Chairman. Visit this section to see and learn more about our team.


We are governed by a board of directors, which is elected by the members for a three year term.  Visit this section to find out more about our board.


View this section to find out about job opportunities with us.


The QCA regularly submits responses to consultations from the UK and European Governments, regulators and other bodies.  Visit this section to see what we have responded to and read the responses in full.

Members Directory

The QCA's membership is made up of small and mid-cap quoted companies, their advisors, investors and other market participants.  To find out more about who is a member, click here to visit our Membership Directory.