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Board Programme

A series of workshops designed to equip board members with the tools needed to focus on growth

Enhance your knowledge on Corporate Governance

Learn how to build a strong governance framework, foster a culture of transparency, and ensure your board operates with the highest ethical standards. This workshop equips directors to confidently guide your company towards long-term success.

Make informed decisions that drive long-term value for your organisation.

Boost your board effectiveness

We offer a series of interactive workshops designed to equip directors with the knowledge and skills to navigate critical boardroom issues. Whether you’re seeking expertise in financial oversight, developing a robust compensation strategy, or ensuring a strong ESG framework, the QCA Board Programme has you covered.

Build knowledge on financial reporting


Enhance your knowledge on financial statements and metrics. This workshop will examine how to interpret key financial reports, analyse financial health, and ask the right questions so that you can confidently participate in boardroom discussions.

Navigate the evolving landscape of Environmental, Social, and Governance


This workshop unpacks key ESG considerations, from climate change and diversity initiatives to ethical sourcing and board oversight. Gain the knowledge and tools to integrate ESG into your company’s strategy, identify and manage risks, and ensure your organisation thrives in a sustainability-focused world.

All you need to know on audit


This interactive session equips audit committee members with the latest best practices for reviewing financial statements, understanding internal controls, and effectively communicating with external auditors. Empower your committee to ask the right questions, gain a deeper understanding of risk areas, and ensure the integrity of your financial reporting.

Craft competitive and ethical compensation strategies


This workshop is all about the remuneration committee

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