Corporate Governance

Many ways to cut the cake

Madeleine Cordes of Capita Company Secretarial Services looks at some real life examples of how smaller secretariats cope with the pressure of compliance.

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Operational Know-How

Edward Beale, Chief Executive of City Group plc and the QCA Corporate Governance Committee Chairman, examines reasons why smaller quoted companies shouldn’t ignore corporate governance.

Comply or die?

Anne Couper Woods, Director and Company Secretary of Simcocks Trust Limited, explains changes to the Combined Code and explores the shift in attitude on regarding the 'comply or explain' aspect of the UK corporate governance regime.

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Taking independent advice

In these challenging times, pressure can mount on NEDs to go against their better judgment. On these occasions, it is appropriate and reasonable to seek independent professional advice says Martin Finnegan of Nabarro.

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Rebuilding Bridges with Shareholders

The gap between large and small-cap companies in terms of frequency and quality of shareholder engagement has been widening for a number of years.  Mirza Baig, Associate Director of F&C Asset Management, looks at ways of bridging this divide.

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What do small cap investors want from corporate reporting?

Communications opportunity or a compliance obligation? Mark Hynes of design agency Radley Yeldar investigates what investors want from a company’s annual report.

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Doing Business Ethically

Phillipa Foster Back, Director of the Institute of Business Ethics, explains why better ethics make for better business.  

What were the non-executives doing?

Is it time to question afresh how effectively governance protocols and practice safeguard shareholder value? Barry Gamble gives his views on recent corporate upheavals and failures. “What were the non-executive directors doing?” has to be a key question in the wake of recent corporate upheaval and failures.

AIM Governance - Mind the Gap

A gap has opened in the way that governance works in practice in AIM companies.  Experienced company director Barry Gamble believes that a Nomad-led assurance of continuing compliance with the now widely-accepted QCA governance guidance for AIM companies might be the answer. 

Corporate Responsibility: The implications for smaller quoted companies

Gone are the days of corporate philanthropy, says Dr Lance Moir, CFO of AIM-listed WIN plc. Corporate responsibility is now thought of as the impact that a business has on its various stakeholders.

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