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Venture Capital: The Enterprise Investment Scheme

Getting your company "investor ready" for this important tax relief.

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Mark Wearden of Capita comments on the call for greater diversity around the boardroom table.

Twitter, 'Media Failure' & SME Liquidity

New research analyses the impact of direct news dissemination on bid-ask spreads. This article also includes an interview with Hal White, a researcher at the University of Michigan, and colleagues Elizabeth Blankespoor and Gregory Miller.

Pass Notes

Madeleine Cordes of Capita provides some tips to ensure the run-up to your AGM is all plain sailing.

In the Spotlight

Madeleine Cordes looks at how best to prepare your board for the AGM question session.

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On the lookout

With institutional investors no longer content to sit back and vote with management, Máté Krantz looks at how companies can avoid voting upsets.

Risk, Responsiveness and Resilience

Anthony Carey, Partner at Mazars LLP, explains the pivotal role of the board in effective risk management.

Taking the plunge

Mark Cleland and Madeleine Cordes of Capita Company Secretarial Services explain how its all too easy to get out of your depth when switching from a private to a listed company.

Many ways to cut the cake

Madeleine Cordes of Capita Company Secretarial Services looks at some real life examples of how smaller secretariats cope with the pressure of compliance.

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Operational Know-How

Edward Beale, Chief Executive of City Group plc and the QCA Corporate Governance Committee Chairman, examines reasons why smaller quoted companies shouldn’t ignore corporate governance.

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