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10 key questions to ask this New Year to ensure your corporate governance house is in order

Richard B Butler of Carey Group highlights the key questions (and offers some of his opinions) that organisations should address to ensure that they remain aligned to the rapidly developing requirements. Carey Group provides professional governance and company secretarial support services to listed and other large organisations.

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Statutory Liablilty Regime for Issuers

The liabilty regime for issuers of securities was significantly widened on 1 October 2010, Peter Allen, DWF explores the new scope of liabilty for published information.

Bribery Act 2010. Think it won't affect your company? Think again.

After much fanfare, the Bribery Act will come into force in April 2011.  The yards of column inches prompted by the Act are deserved. The UK is set to become the global leader in corporate anti-corruption and, like it or not, UK businesses will be the champions of the Act’s high ethical standards.

Shipping Out

What are the challenges and differences of moving to an offshore jurisdiction? Madeleine Cordes examines the varied roles of the Chartered Secretary working offshore.

Tracing the trail

How do UK firms deal with an ever-increasing number of shareholders who are not domiciled in the UK? And what rights do offshore entities have to find out who owns their shares? Máté Krantz examines the issues.

Entrepreneurs' relief: CGT reduced to 10 per cent

Nabarro provides a brief outline to Entrepreneurs's Relief.

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Venture Capital: The Enterprise Investment Scheme

Getting your company "investor ready" for this important tax relief.

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Mark Wearden of Capita comments on the call for greater diversity around the boardroom table.

Twitter, 'Media Failure' & SME Liquidity

New research analyses the impact of direct news dissemination on bid-ask spreads. This article also includes an interview with Hal White, a researcher at the University of Michigan, and colleagues Elizabeth Blankespoor and Gregory Miller.

Pass Notes

Madeleine Cordes of Capita provides some tips to ensure the run-up to your AGM is all plain sailing.

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