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Research’s role in listed success

In a crowded marketplace, companies can struggle to capture institutional attention and investment. William Russell-Smith, Managing Director of AQ Research Ltd. explains how investment research from brokers or specialists can provide an efficient solution.  

Taking independent advice

In these challenging times, pressure can mount on NEDs to go against their better judgment. On these occasions, it is appropriate and reasonable to seek independent professional advice says Martin Finnegan of Nabarro.

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Rebuilding Bridges with Shareholders

The gap between large and small-cap companies in terms of frequency and quality of shareholder engagement has been widening for a number of years.  Mirza Baig, Associate Director of F&C Asset Management, looks at ways of bridging this divide.

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Is your company misunderstood or not known at all? Take control

According to recent research, a company with no or inadequate research is priced at 25% below one with an adequate level of research. Andy Edmond, CEO of research specialists Equity Development, reports.

Investigating the use of cash box structures

How do institutional shareholders view the increasing use of cash box structures to circumvent the 5% limit on non-pre-emptive issues of shares? Alexander Keepin of Charles Russell LLP investigates.

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Shareholders’ rights: 2009 regulations

The Companies (Shareholders' Rights) Regulations 2009 took effect on 3 August 2009. Tom Shaw and David Hicks of Speechly Bircham LLP highlight some of the key changes.

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Corporate commissioned research - the right business model for today’s markets

Institutional investors need quality research - and corporate commissioned research is the way of the future for communicating with the broader market says Fraser Thorne, Managing Director of Edison Investment Research.

20...40...50...60% - at what rate are your employees paying tax?

David Bywater, Associate Partner at KPMG LLP, looks at the tax changes introduced in the 2009 budget - and how they might affect companies’ remuneration structures.

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FSA BULLETIN: Is an honest, but mistaken, belief that you are not trading on inside information a defence to market abuse?

Harvey Rands of Memery Crystal examines the FSA’s recent decision on market abuse with regard to Darren Morton and Christopher Parry.

Companies Act 2006: the final phase

Nicholas Narraway, Chairman of the QCA Legal Committee and a consultant at Moorhead James LLP, summarises the new provisions that came into force on 1 October 2009 with the Companies Act 2006.

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