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AIM high to hit the mark

As it approaches its 15th birthday, AIM has an integral role to play in the economic recovery and London's continuing role as the world's leading internationl financial centre, says Marcus Stuttard, Head of AIM at the London Stock Exchange.

Changes to the listing regime

To help investors make more informed investment decisions and to give issuers greater flexibility over how they raise capital, a number of Listing Regime changes come into effect from 6th April 2010.  The FSA Primary Markets Policy team explains what they are.

Tax treatment of payments to reduce contractual redundancy rights

CMS Cameron McKenna explain the result of a case that suggests a payment to reduce an employee's future contractual redundancy rights can potentially be entirely tax-free and does not count towards the £30,000 exemption available on any future termination of employment.

Employee share gains: income or capital?

Lawyers CMS Cameron McKenna outlines a recent court ruling that ends a long-lasting dispute on whether personal rights and rights outside the articles of association can be taken into account when working out the market value of shares for employees. 

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FSA to delay broader application of remuneration rules

CMS Cameron McKenna highlight the FSA's announcement that it is delaying the broader application of its remuneration rules.

Research’s role in listed success

In a crowded marketplace, companies can struggle to capture institutional attention and investment. William Russell-Smith, Managing Director of AQ Research Ltd. explains how investment research from brokers or specialists can provide an efficient solution.  

Is your company misunderstood or not known at all? Take control

According to recent research, a company with no or inadequate research is priced at 25% below one with an adequate level of research. Andy Edmond, CEO of research specialists Equity Development, reports.

Shareholders’ rights: 2009 regulations

The Companies (Shareholders' Rights) Regulations 2009 took effect on 3 August 2009. Tom Shaw and David Hicks of Speechly Bircham LLP highlight some of the key changes.

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Investigating the use of cash box structures

How do institutional shareholders view the increasing use of cash box structures to circumvent the 5% limit on non-pre-emptive issues of shares? Alexander Keepin of Charles Russell LLP investigates.

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20...40...50...60% - at what rate are your employees paying tax?

David Bywater, Associate Partner at KPMG LLP, looks at the tax changes introduced in the 2009 budget - and how they might affect companies’ remuneration structures.

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