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Are you preparing for higher tax rates?

Lawyers CMS Cameron McKenna discuss Budget announcements that companies should be considering.

Joint Share Ownership Plans - a new way of getting capital gains treatment?

CMS Cameron McKenna explain a type of share scheme that has been getting much attention recently - Joint Share Ownership Plans (JSOPs) - and outline the plan, the tax treatment of these arrangements and the main advantages/disadvantages of them.

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Auditor Liability limitation agreements: this parrot is no more!

Should directors of small quoted companies be celebrating or mourning the apparent demise of voluntary auditor liability limitation agreements (“LLAs”)?  Oliver Tant, KPMG’s UK Head of Audit, examines the body of his dead parrot.

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A move to bring all leases on balance sheet

Sarah Cox, QCA Accounting Standards Committee member, reports on potential changes to lease accounting in a recently released IASB/FASB discussion paper.

How to access capital for growth

Paul Canning, Managing Director of leading global private equity investment firm H.I.G. Capital, looks at some of the options available for raising capital in a tough business climate.

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Delisting from AIM – issues arising

Clive Garston and Melissa Needham of Halliwells LLP examine the key issues arising from a decision to de-list from AIM.   

Employee options exercised before 10 April 2003 - revised HMRC CGT guidance

Lawyers CMS Cameron McKenna outline revised HMRC captial gains tax guidance.

What do small cap investors want from corporate reporting?

Communications opportunity or a compliance obligation? Mark Hynes of design agency Radley Yeldar investigates what investors want from a company’s annual report.

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QCA/YouGov Small and Mid-Cap Sentiment Index

The QCA/YouGov Small & Mid Cap Sentiment Index, regularly monitors business sentiment of the small and mid-cap quoted company sector, one of the UK’s most dynamic and growing sectors.

FSA draft code of practice on remuneration policies

On 26 February 2008, the FSA published a wide-ranging draft code of practice on employee remuneration policies.  Lawyers CMS Cameron McKenna explain the implications of this.

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