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Madeleine Cordes looks at how best to prepare your board for the AGM question session.

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Financial Promotions - When do quoted companies need authorisation?

Will your company be caught by financial promotions regulations?  Ian Brent, a Partner at Davies Arnold Cooper, explains the implications for quoted companies.

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FSA BULLETIN: Is an honest, but mistaken, belief that you are not trading on inside information a defence to market abuse?

Harvey Rands of Memery Crystal examines the FSA’s recent decision on market abuse with regard to Darren Morton and Christopher Parry.

Shareholders’ rights: 2009 regulations

The Companies (Shareholders' Rights) Regulations 2009 took effect on 3 August 2009. Tom Shaw and David Hicks of Speechly Bircham LLP highlight some of the key changes.

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Companies Act 2006: the final phase

Nicholas Narraway, Chairman of the QCA Legal Committee and a consultant at Moorhead James LLP, summarises the new provisions that came into force on 1 October 2009 with the Companies Act 2006.

Auditor Liability limitation agreements: this parrot is no more!

Should directors of small quoted companies be celebrating or mourning the apparent demise of voluntary auditor liability limitation agreements (“LLAs”)?  Oliver Tant, KPMG’s UK Head of Audit, examines the body of his dead parrot.

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Disclosing Bad News

Disclosing bad news to the market is never pleasant- but the regulators will not take a lenient view of those companies which fail to meet their disclosure requirements, wars Tom Shaw of Speechly Bircham.

Allotment of Shares and Pre-Emption Rights: New Guidance from the Association of BritishInsurers (“ABI”)

Hunton & Williams updates companies on new guidance from the ABI on the allotment of shares and pre-emption rights.

Understanding auditor liability limitation agreements

What are auditor liability limitation agreements – and what factors should directors take account of if they are considering an agreement?  Tim Goodman, a manager within the Hermes Equity Ownership Services’ (HEOS) UK engagement team, investigates.

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