VAT on transaction costs

Robert Marchant, Head of Corporate VAT at Crowe UK LLP, discusses the changing landscape in relation to VAT on transaction costs.

Brexit: the tax implications of a vote to leave

Roopa Aitken, a Tax Partner at Grant Thornton UK, looks at the possible tax implications of a UK vote to leave the EU.

Non-Executive Directors: Remuneration and PAYE

The tax law draws no distinction between executive and non-executive directors. Ellie Gamble of Grant Thornton UK LLP writes about what companies should take into account when considering the tax treatment of non-executive directors.

Office of Tax Simplification’s review of tax-advantaged share plans

Remuneration advisers MM&K writes about the Office of Tax Simplification's review of tax-advantaged share plans and the potential implications for quoted companies operating share schemes.

iXBRL: It’s time to tag

Mandatory online filing is almost here — are you ready? Sean Callaghan and Ben Smith of Ernst & Young discuss new iXBRL requirements.

Entrepreneurs' relief: CGT reduced to 10 per cent

Nabarro provides a brief outline to Entrepreneurs's Relief.

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Venture Capital: The Enterprise Investment Scheme

Getting your company "investor ready" for this important tax relief.

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Responsible Remuneration Through Shares

Fiona Bell, specialist in trusts and employee benefits at Memery Crystal, takes a look at Joint Share Ownership Plans.

Budget 2010 - employee share scheme announcements

Lawyer CMS Cameron McKenna outlines announcements in the Budget that affect employee share schemes.

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XBRL filing

The phrase “XBRL” filing is likely to be on your radar... you may have heard about it but do you really know what it is and what impact it will have on the filing of  company accounts and corporation tax return/comps?

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