Nurole - best practice board-level hiring for QCA members

14th January 2020

<strong>Nurole - best practice board-level hiring for QCA members</strong>

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QCA member Nurole is offering fellow members a 5% discount on its services as part of our member to member benefit programme. 

Nurole is the world's largest online board-level hiring platform and ranks in the Financial Times’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe. The Nurole platform uses a vetted talent network, smart technology and professional experts to inspire brilliant people to apply and recommend others for board roles. 

What services does Nurole offer?

Nurole helps organisations and headhunters hiring for the following positions in any sector, company size and geography:

  • Chair 
  • Committee chair 
  • Non-executive director 
  • Trustee or Governor
  • Senior advisor 
  • CEO 
  • CFO

Who is it for?

  • Established chairs, non-executive directors and C-level executives (CEO, CFO, CMO etc.) with publicly-listed, private, family or investor-backed companies
  • Founders with exceptional scale up track record
  • Partners in major accountancy firms, law firms and management consultancies
  • Senior members of the financial, private equity or hedge fund communities
  • Other exceptional leaders outside of the commercial world 
  • Aspiring first time non-executive directors and rising stars who have been recommended by our members

Key benefits for organisations hiring

  • Access exceptional candidates: Nurole’s platform helps boards cast the net wider to find candidates they might otherwise have overlooked or did not know existed. The most sophisticated boards have advanced beyond relying on personal networks. Nurole enlarges the talent pools from which boards pick, identifying candidates who are one in a million not one in a hundred.
  • More diversity: Nurole’s platform consistently provides organisations with a more diverse range of candidates because it levels the playing field, allowing candidates to put themselves forward.
  • Value for money: Nurole’s success-linked pricing structure has been formulated to work for both small and large organisations.

Key benefits for individuals taking on board roles

  • Access unique opportunities: historically, board roles have only been available as part of a behind-closed-doors, tap-on-the-shoulder process. Nurole levels the playing field for career-defining board positions with iconic public and private companies, as well as exciting VC-backed start-ups and pro bono roles in government and not-for-profits – it’s not about who you know, but the value you add.
  • Interest led: see opportunities based on your interests rather than getting overlooked based on assumptions about your experience.
  • Anonymous: nobody can see who is a member of Nurole - a hiring organisation will only know you are a member if you choose to apply for their role.
  • Free: Nurole membership is completely free.


QCA members benefit from a 5% discount when hiring through Nurole. Nurole is free to join for members. Click here to access the pricing guide and learn more about how they can help with your chair or non-executive director board recruitment.



For further information pleae contact:
+44 (0)20 3637 1012

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