Cyber Security Assessments by Falanx

All businesses are custodians of highly sensitive information, and therefore an inviting target for hackers.

For businesses the effects of a breach can be devastating – and sometimes fatal. Alongside revenue lost from business systems being completely shut down, there may also be a ransom threat from criminals and punitive fines from regulators. The lasting damage, however, occurs longer term as the trust that underpins your relationship with clients is eroded or irreparably destroyed.  Time and again, the latest breach in the news reveals that not taking enough action is being taken to ensure they are protected.

Get a hackers eye view of your business

Falanx Cyber are offering fellow members a free cyber security risk assessment using f:CEL, a tool that simulates the techniques used by real cybercriminal groups when they are choosing a target to attack. You’ll receive a tailored security score that quantifies your risk, a report detailing all the vulnerabilities and an actionable list of recommendations to improve your security posture.

 24/7 eyes on glass

Our managed detection and response service (MDR) reduces the time it takes to detect and respond to an attack. Our highly skilled security experts, leading-edge technology and rapid cyber incident response is delivered from our UK-based Security Operations Centre (SOC). You can focus on other tasks, rather than fighting cyber security fires.


QCA members receive a free cyber security assessment using f:CEL and 20% off the direct price for managed detection and response.

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