Remuneration Committee Guide (2020)

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The Remuneration Committee Guide (2020) has been prepared to assist remuneration committee chairs and members to be effective in their roles. 
It takes account of the interests of shareholders, executives, the wider workforce and other stakeholders in small and mid-sized quoted companies. 

The Guide covers:

  • What an effective remuneration committee looks like: Including objectives, responsibilities, and how to evaluate the committee.
  • Practical aspects of running a remuneration committee: Including roles, terms of reference, appointment, meetings.
  • Remuneration policy: The key principles of remuneration and performance measures.
  • Directors’ reporting obligations: Summaries of the legal requirements and Listing/AIM/AQSE rules, as well as QCA recommendations where disclosure isn’t obligatory.
  • Communicating with shareholders: Considers voting, gaining shareholder support and practical help such as a timetable for developing a policy in advance of a vote.
  • Other useful information: Including agenda topics, more detail on disclosure requirements, and links to further information

It sets out our views of good practice and is a companion to the QCA Corporate Governance Code.

This guide is available in both a downloadable pdf or a hard copy version.

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