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The QCA and UHY Hacker Young have analysed the corporate governance disclosures of 50 AIM companies to identify patterns and to examine the impact of the AIM Rule 26 change this year.

We have assessed annual reports and accounts, and governance disclosures on their corporate websites against the minimum disclosures of the QCA Corporate Governance Code and present the results here.

Read the Corporate Governance Behaviour Review 2018 here




From now on, companies are going to have to take greater positive action in communicating with their shareholders and other stakeholders.

Small-caps have always suffered from a dearth of investment research and, as a result of MiFID II, mid-caps are beginning to face a similar reality. Findings from our research emphasise that the onus is increasingly on boards to communicate more detail, more clearly, in order to differentiate their company from their thousands of peers on the capital markets

Included in the report are:

  1. Five top tips for AIM company boards
  2. The impact of AIM Rule 26
  3. What trends can be seen from six years of examining mid and small-cap governance?

Read the Corporate Governance Behaviour Review 2018 here


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