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This report examines the results of a recent Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) survey undertaken by the QCA, examining the experiences of small and mid-cap companies in the ESG space.

The first part of the report provides an overview of the general attitudes towards, and knowledge of, ESG for small and mid-cap companies. The second part then looks at how companies have approached ESG strategies and policies, the benefits and the costs that this implies, followed by a section on the disclosure-making process and one on the use of external service providers. The fifth section of the report looks at whether ESG considerations have had a positive or negative impact on small and mid-cap companies. The final section will look at the possible steps the QCA can take to help its members on their ESG journey.

The survey consisted of 17 questions relating to attitude and strategies, data collection and reporting, the use of external service providers and the impact that ESG has had. The purpose of the survey was to establish a more comprehensive view of what QCA members’ perspectives on ESG are and the possible role the QCA can play in assisting members with their ESG-related disclosures and initiatives.

The survey received a response from 57 companies. From the survey, we found that the average respondent has a very positive attitude towards ESG, is moderately informed on ESG, has a clear and formal ESG policy/strategy, and ESG adoption and practices are developing.

Download the full ESG Survey Report here.

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