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The Quoted Companies Alliance and RSM are pleased to announce that this month we have published the results of our fourth survey of 16 major UK small and mid-cap institutional fund managers revealing valuable insight into how they view the market, and what companies can do to attract and retain their attention.

The survey, conducted by YouGov, is essential reading for any pre-IPO or quoted company. This year, in addition to the commentary on the previous year and future prospects, we have sought to garner views on a variety of subjects including:

  • which companies investors thought had a great year in 2016; 
  • how companies should approach Brexit – with 7 pointers to prepare for the changes ahead;
  • the effectiveness of AIM;
  • what do investors think about AIM quoted companies moving to the Main Market;
  • what do investors expect from nomads and brokers. Are they doing a good job?;
  • the involvement of private investors and; 
  • what do investors look for in chairs and finance directors.

Click here to download the report (pdf)

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