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We have launched a campaign to remove – or at least reduce – the obstacles we believe are hampering the UK’s engines for growth in their ability to create wealth and employment. 

Our Manifesto calls on politicians and regulators to address a unique combination of disadvantages that are curtailing the potential of small to mid-size quoted companies. 

The policy document, 'Fuelling the Engines of Growth', calls on whoever wins the May general election to:

  • Create a minister for equity finance;
  • Enhance tax incentives for equity and entrepreneurs;
  • Make small and mid-size quoted companies a distinct economic category;
  • Simplify the process of raising public equity;
  • Have a time-out on new business regulations; and 
  • Foster a long-term equity culture. 

While welcoming the return of growth, strengthened consumer confidence and falling unemployment, serious flaws and imbalances in the economy must be addressed to create more stable, sustainable growth.

Download our manifesto 'Fuelling the Engines of Growth'


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