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In December 2009, we carried out a survey of small and mid-cap community members to find out what they know about the QCA and what we can do for them. There were four different surveys, which were tailored for: Corporate QCA Members, Corporate Non-Members, Advisor QCA Members, and Advisor Non-Members.

A finding that was common across all the surveys was that the vast majority of the people surveyed knew of the QCA and cited a continued need for a trade organisation that represents the small and mid-cap quoted sector. Other interesting findings include:

  • 68% of Corporate Non-Members felt that lower membership fees would convince their companies to join, with 29.8% citing additional communication about ongoing work as their reason. As a result, we are currently reviewing the membership pricing, and working on rebuilding our website to allow members access to more information and to allow better communication between us and the membership and also between the members themselves.
  • When asked what they would improve or change about the QCA, 26% of Corporate QCA Member respondents said more guidance booklets, 31% said lower membership fees and 21% said a more informative and interactive website. When asked what Advisor Members would improve or change, 57% of said lunches with NOMADS, 35% said lunches with brokers, and 74% said networking events to meet new companies. We are working on producing more guidance booklets for 2010 and surveying members on the topics they would like covered. We are also planning on running some events this year specifically for our Advisor Members.
  • 97% of Corporate and Advisor QCA Member respondents said they were either fairly satisfied, satisfied, or very satisfied with the benefits QCA membership gives them. Only 3 Corporate Non-Members had not heard of the QCA.

We would like to thank everyone that responded. We value your opinions and the findings are extremely helpful to us in planning our campaigns and events in 2010. We intend to carry out this survey on an annual basis.

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