Proactive - Share Your Story on the Proactive business news platform

For a limited time only, Proactive are offering all QCA members a complimentary video interview, giving you the opportunity to introduce your business to potential investors.

​In the dynamic and competitive world of small and mid-cap listed companies, narrating your unique investment story to a wide audience of potential investors can be a real challenge. Proactive is here to help you rise to this challenge with our comprehensive media services, supplemented by their premium investment research and digital market services.

Proactive offer in-depth newsroom coverage of over 775 stocks worldwide, including around 300 here in the UK. With their services, your company can break through the obscurity often experienced by small- and mid-cap firms..

Their team of 40 experienced journalists, broadcasters, and analysts, hailing from prestigious news outlets such as the New York Times, Bloomberg, Reuters, and more, will diligently tell your story. They produce over 48,000 pieces of content per year, ensuring your narrative remains at the forefront of investor attention.

In the investment landscape, where Google holds a staggering 92% market share, visibility is crucial. The Proactive team is skilled at boosting your online presence, making you ‘investable’ in the eyes of potential stakeholders. They will incrementally build your profile in search results, particularly in Google News, so your news flow is front and centre of attention.

In addition to their media services, they also offer paid-for investment research to help prospective investors make informed decision, while their digital market services will enhance your online visibility and reach, allowing you to target and engage potential investors more effectively.

They focus on maintaining a constant news flow that complements and enhances your existing IR and financial PR strategy. They can follow each piece of material news with a video interview to engage mobile users, who constitute half of your addressable market.

Volume, coupled with a positive story and achievement of your benchmarks, can significantly boost your company’s profile.

Proactive’s coverage, penned by expert financial writers, is distributed via News Direct to over 300 news sources, providing potential visibility to 68 million viewers. Your story will be visible on major platforms like Google News, MarketWatch, Nasdaq, and Yahoo Finance, among others.

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