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The Quoted Companies Alliance (the QCA) is celebrating 25 years of advancing the interests of small and mid-size companies quoted on London stock markets. For two and a half decades the campaigns network group has been identifying the issues that matter to its members and keeping them informed.

The QCA campaigns on behalf of its members on a wide variety of critical issues, including tax, corporate governance and legislation, to ensure that the capital markets offer access to finance and liquidity for the engines of growth of the UK economy. The QCA provides its members with unique access to investors and other market users to build interaction between providers and users of capital.

Originally founded as the City Group for Smaller Companies (CISCO) by a handful of small cap brokers and advisers in 1992, the QCA was instrumental in the establishment of AIM.

The value of QCA members to the UK economy is vast, as is their potential. Nearly 2,000 small and mid-size quoted companies in the UK employ approximately 1.4 million people – 5.5% of private sector employment in the UK. The QCA’s goal is to create an environment where that potential is fulfilled.

Events to mark the 25th anniversary began when the independent membership organisation opened the market at the London Stock Exchange on 1 June. Tomorrow the QCA hosts its Investor Forum in London, kindly sponsored by Allenby Capital, Mazars and Winterflood Securities, when companies, advisers, investors, journalists and others will explore how investment in small and mid-size quoted companies can be improved.

Afterwards a 25th Anniversary Reception takes place in the Lord Mayor of London’s Mansion House, attended by past and present members along with the QCA’s many supporters. The Reception is sponsored by Allenby Capital, Mazars and Winterflood Securities and the London Stock Exchange.

 QCA achievements to date include: 

  • Inclusion of AIM and ISDX shares into ISAs;
  • Removal of stamp duty on the trading of AIM and ISDX shares; 
  • Campaigned against proposed restrictions on how investment research is paid for; 
  • Appointed as a nominating body of the Takeover Panel to ensure small to mid-cap companies are adequately represented; 
  • Extending Capital Gains Tax entrepreneurs’ relief to external investors in ‘unlisted’ trading companies for newly issued shares; 
  • Simplifying the Prospectus Directive so that companies could raise finance more efficiently; 
  • Reduced the Financial Reporting Council levies for small companies; 

Many of these campaigns are ongoing and the shifting financial and political landscape means new factors can arise in which the sector must have its voice heard effectively – so the QCA is constantly acting to protect and advance its members’ interests. 

Tim Ward, CEO, of the Quoted Companies Alliance, said: “We have always prided ourselves on our effectiveness, our friendliness and our understanding of the needs of our members. Long may that continue. Whilst the number of corporate members is at its highest level ever, we need to keep on building our influence.

“In 25 years we have achieved many things to benefit the small and mid-cap ecosystem, thanks to numerous people who have the interests of growth companies at heart. Over the next five years we intend to achieve as much again.”

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