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The Quoted Companies AllianceNon-Bank Lending Working Group has responded to BIS call for evidence on improving access to non-bank finance. The call for evidence required submissions from three different angles regarding no-bank finance.

The first discussion included non-bank finance providers, where it required information on what the key issues were in preventing the lending to small and mid-cap quoted companies, the role of credit agencies and other examples across the world on sources of non-bank finance.

The second discussion focused on the company itself. The call for evidence inquired whether companies were currently using non-bank financing, whether there were barriers for companies to receive non-bank financing and what are the main positive points for companies to use bank finance rather than non-bank financing.

The third discussion looked to the role of government. The Quoted Companies Alliance highlighted what it expects and how the government could enhance non-bank financing.

Click here to read the full response (pdf)

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