Corporate Governance & the QCA

For the QCA, corporate governance is one of the key priorities to provide value for the small and mid-sized companies that we work for:

  1. We produce the QCA Corporate Governance Code as well as other related corporate governance guides for growth companies.
  2. We hold seminars, workshops and other events on different elements of corporate governance to provide practical insight for companies and advisors.
  3. We run the QCA Corporate Governance Expert Group which oversees all QCA work in this area, including managing the QCA Code and driving policy engagement.

The QCA Corporate Governance Code

The QCA Corporate Governance Code is an enabling, principles-based, corporate governance code for companies focused on growth.

It is used by nearly 90% of companies on the AIM market, as well as those on other markets or pre-IPO.

It is available for free to all QCA members or can be bought by anyone here.