Investor Meet Company - Is the value of your company reflected in your share price?

QCA member Investor Meet Company is offering fellow members a discount on their services as part of our member to member benefit programme.

Directly access and communicate with all Investors at the same time, efficiently and effectively. Investor Meet Company provides a digital platform making the individual investor and regional investment manager part of your normal investor roadshow, without the need to travel.

An effective board regularly informs and engages with existing and potential shareholders. Through live, interactive presentations around announcements you can now efficiently access and maintain dialogue with previously hard to reach investors, enabling you to communicate and report good corporate governance as required by the UK Code/QCA code, through independently verified investor engagement.

“Good corporate governance is delivered by a board that communicates openly and effectively with all shareholders.

Regular, direct and interactive engagement, particularly with private investors, will help to enhance the transparency and integrity of the market as a whole.

Investor Meet Company offers a conduit for companies and investors to connect directly.”
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To help companies and investors stay connected Investor Meet Company are offering QCA members a 10% discount.

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